Audiovox Intros Car Tablet to Replace Portable DVD

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Audiovox Electronics

Audiovox (VOXX) announced prior to CES, one of the first tablets designed for the in-car market.

The 8-inch Android device comes with a unique car mounting kit, said Audiovox, as well as an FM modulator so that it can work in the back seat, possibly replacing the tens of millions of portable DVD players that have been sold over the years.

The WiFi device is a full tablet that can run Android apps.  It’s launching at CES this week with plans for delivery in May at about $299 (per tablet).

Additionally, Audiovox announced Monday a rear view mirror with built-in 4.5-inch high def screen for navigation. It includes lane assist and displays 3D graphics.

The bluetooth mirror also enables handsfree calling and it works with a back up camera, automatically turning on when the car goes into reverse.

Source: Audiovox Electronics (VOXX)

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