Directed Announces New Toyota Firmware Solution

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Just in time for what promises to be a busy remote start season, Directed is rolling out a new TL5 firmware solution for the 2012/13 Toyota Camry and Yaris hatchback key-type models.

The new firmware solution for DBALL from Directed, the worldwide leader in vehicle remote start and security, features full convenience functionality along with the data key override. The solution requires no scan tool or any special web key replicating tool to use. The solution is also Directed SmartStart 3.0.1 compatible and offers DTC codes and status alerts.

Dealers can simply flash the DBALL with the TL5 firmware and install it, it’s that easy!

“This solution was part of our planned releases for Q4 and we are very excited about hitting our planned release date. We have many other solutions like this one getting closer to release that will further improve the customer experience,” said Peter Fazi, VP Business Development and OEM Integration. “It’s so exciting to be where we are with key cracks in general and I can’t wait to reveal the numerous solutions we have in the works.”

Fazi added that for Directed to become the most relevant module in the install bay, having every key solution is critical.

“With the push in RSR technology we really feel that we are on the right track,” Fazi said. “Stay tuned for some very big surprises coming over the next few months.”

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