Pioneer Launches Gesture Control Navi in Japan

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To make navigating easier, Pioneer Corp. is launching gesture control radios in Japan this month.

Pioneer Gesture Control
Pioneer "Air Gesture" Credit: Engadget

Pioneer’s new  “Air Gesture” lets you wave your hand in front of the car radio to change the menu on the screen or zoom in on the navigation map.

A wave of the hand can switch screens to show the name of the music being played.  Or you can “Skip the music being played,” or “Set your home as a destination,” or “Set one of the frequently visited places as a destination.”

With a horizontal hand motion, users can also control functions such as switching modes from navigation to AV.

The feature relies on IR sensors.

Pioneer will offer Air Gesture in 2 in-dash navigation radios including a model at the U.S. equivalent of $1,600 that rolls out next week, as well as 4 portable navigation devices.

The new models were shown last week at CEATEC JAPAN 2012.

Pioneer has not yet responded to our inquiry about a U.S. launch date for the feature.

Source: Gizmodo, Tech-On



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