By 2040 We’ll Watch Movies While Driving

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What will happen to car electronics when the self-driving car becomes real, as expected within 10 years?

Delphi Concept CES 2012
Delphi concept dashboard at CES 2012

GM’s Cadillac now plans to produce semi-autonomous cars on a large scale in 3 years, reports Wired.

Cadillac further predicts it will produce fully autonomous cars by the end of the decade.

By 2040, self-driving cars will comprise up to 75 percent of the cars on the road, forecasts the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Eventually, we might see the disappearance of traffic lights, speed limits and even the need for drivers’ licenses, Dr. Alberto Broggi, director of an autonomous car project in Italy, told Wired.

The impact on car infotainment will be a complete 180 degree turnaround. Drivers will be able to watch movies, TV or play a video game while “driving.”

“It will be a completely different experience….You will be able to do whatever,” said analyst Roger Lanctot of Strategy Analytics.

And drivers will likely share information and content with other drivers on the road.  This content sharing might  include entertainment such as movies.   “Almost anything is possible,” Lanctot said.

The driver’s focus is more likely to be on a screen inside the car than the road ahead. “Billboards will be obsolete.  The billboard will be in the car,” he said.

For those who love driving, the freedom and individualism of piloting your own car, you should understand that the experience is already shifting.  Drive a bit above the speed limit in some areas and you get a ticket in the mail.   This is only going to get more pervasive.

For more on the future of “robo-cars” see the Wired story here.

Source: Wired, CEoutlook

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