Car Device Mirrors All Android Apps for Toyota

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VAIS Technology is now shipping a device that turns a Toyota/Lexus car radio screen into a virtual mirror of an Android phone for all apps. And the apps are controlled from the radio or steering wheel controls.

VAIS Technology iVICIf the car has a touch screen, users can tap and swipe through apps just as they would on the phone.  The car radio becomes a virtual touch computer or tablet with access to email, texts, Internet Radio, music with album art, phone book and phone functions.  Navigation with turn by turn directions is available via Google Maps.

For some cars, apps are controlled via the car’s joystick controller.

The product, called the iVIC at $599.99 has an HDMI input, a digital video output to a navigation screen, and other optional AV inputs.   You also get a USB input.

“You are not limited in any apps. All apps you have on your phone will be accessible through the nav screen.  It’s like using your phone on the car nav screen. Any app whether it’s a music app or not will be mirrored on the nav screen for full access: phone, email, maps, stocks, weather, SMS, Facebook, anything you have on your phone…..” said VAIS Technology’s Eugene Kaspin.

With the iVIC, the car’s steering wheel controls are able to advance songs up and down for music apps.

Source: VAIS Technology

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