Hertz Intro’s First Budget Compact Amps; Audison Launches bit Tune

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Elettromedia will ship this month its first Hertz budget priced compact car audio amplifiers.

Hertz HCP held by Rob Wempe
Hertz’s Rob Wempe holds a new HCP amp during KnowledgeFest

The new HCP (Hertz Compact Power) series includes 5-models that replace Hertz’s previous budget HE line, but now bear smaller chasses.

The HCP ranges from a basic mono amp rated at 700 watts to a 5 channel full range Class D model rated at 4 x 105 watts  1 x 330 watts.

bit Tune
Audison bit Tune

The line also includes a 2-channel AB amp (2 x 100 watts) and two 4-channel models, one a Class D full range ( 4 x 145) and one a traditional AB amp (4 x 95 watts). Pricing will be announced.

Also shipping next month under the Audison brand is the multifunctional installer tool called the bit Tune.  For retailers/installers (not consumers) it includes a dual trace oscilloscope, real time analyzer, signal generator,  tone generator, phase tester, media player and more.

The bit Tune is designed to help set up and test audio systems.  It will help you take a factory system and return it to a flat signal.  Audison says the bit Tune is unique in that includes all of the above features in one box.   The cost to retailers is $1,199.

Source: CEoutlook

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