New Windows 8 Phone from Nokia

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For car audio retailers who want to keep up with the latest phones, Nokia’s Lumia 920, announced Wednesday, deserves a quick look.

Nokia Lumia 920It offers a few advances over current phones, with emphasis on an exceptional camera that claims to take great photos, even in the dark.

The 920 supports wireless charging with an optional charging mat, so no need to plug it into a wall.  The 8 MPl camera has a lens that adjusts to compensate for shaky hands and low lighting, and it uses Carl Zeiss optics for high quality images.

For the outdoorsy phone user, Nokia claims the Lumia 920’s screen is the brightest in sunlight.

It comes with an augmented reality app that shows you’re the names of stores and restaurants when you point your camera down the street.

Nokia’s new flagship phone has a super-bright 4.5 inch curved glass display and claims “better than HD” resolution.

Specs include:  1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, 768 x 1280 resolution, built-in navigation.

Source: USA Today, The Verge


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