Brandmotion Intro’s Backup Camera Kits

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Ann Arbor, Michigan – Brandmotion announced it has expanded and completed its line of  “universal” OEM backup camera kits.  They are designed for customers who want an authentic factory product when there is no factory backup camera option available.

Over the past two months the company has introduced eight new kits that provide end-to-end backup view solutions while retaining the factory look and features of the vehicle.

Each camera is paired with four universal-mount mirrors equipped with high-quality, 3.5-inch TFT color screens that turn on when the vehicle is put in reverse and disappear behind the mirror’s surface when not in use.

• The 9002-7621 (basic; $579.95 MSRP) or 9002-8621 (premium; $649.95 MSRP) features a standard-sized auto dimming mirror.
• The 9002-7624 (basic; $579.95 MSRP) or 9002-8624 (premium; $679.95 MSRP) includes the company’s new Slimline auto-dimming mirror.
• The 9002-7622 (basic; $599.95 MSRP) or 9002-8622 (premium; $719.95 MSRP) is designed for GM vehicles and includes OnStar compatibility along with auto-dimming functionality. The 9002-8722 follows the design of the 9002-8622 but it is intended for GM vehicles with a 10-pin mirror connector.
• The 9002-7623 (basic; $679.95 MSRP) or 9002-8623 (premium; $779.95 MSRP) adds a compass and temperature display to the standard-sized auto-dimming model.

All models are available and shipping, and include all accessories, wiring harnesses and instructions to go with a factory-match warranty.

“Most companies that service the aftermarket think in terms of parts, but we have a different philosophy,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “Our OEM history teaches us to provide a complete solution, whether we are working with factory or aftermarket applications. It’s really the only way to guarantee a high level of quality with our products. These nine new kits allow us to maintain quality while still giving expeditors and dealerships the flexibility to fit almost any vehicle application.”

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