Audiomobile Sponsors Del Ellis at Knowledgefest

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Las Vegas, NVAudiomobile will return to the MERA Knowledgefest this year and is very pleased to sponsor Del Ellis, the noted car audio retailer consultant, on the increasingly critical subject: “How to Combat ‘Showrooming’ in today’s market.”

AudiomobileThe seminar is scheduled on Monday, August 20th, and is designed to help dealers “level the playing filed” by providing them with  on-floor tactics.  Ellis will explain how to show customers the ‘big picture’ and the value that car entertainment shops can provide them.

Subtitled, ‘Investing in brands that represent your future, not your past,’ the seminar will focus on the steps dealers must take, including reflecting on Del’s own journey to retail success, by teaching them the attributes to look for in brands that incorporate the potential to provide superior ROI on inventory dollars.

Del Ellis, perhaps the best known Car Audio Retailer Guru, has over the past couple years, established a formidable resume of clients, who have all seen substantial and immediate changes in the performance of their sales floor, and their prospects for long-term success greatly improved, after ‘just one application’ of Del’s unique methods of cause and effect selling, and taking charge of the selling situation, for best effect.

Focused on providing enhanced solutions to the upscale, boutique specialty retailer segment, Audiomobile is positioned as a legitimate profit-refuge.

Contact Audiomobile at (702) 221- 1977.

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