Microsoft Tablet Has Unique Keyboard

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Microsoft introduced Monday night a tablet called “Surface,” to be offered this fall.

Microsoft SurfaceAbout the same size and weight as the iPad, it has a larger 10.6 inch screen (compared to the iPad’s 9.7-inch LCD) and it has built-in kickstand.  It also has an unusual, super thin cover that doubles as a removable keyboard.

The cover  “senses” your taps on the keyboard as gestures so you can touch type.  It can fold back or detach when you want to use the tablet. It’s thickness is about 1/10th of an inch and it comes in 5 colors.

Microsoft said the Surface was completely designed by its employees.  It has a magnesium case to achieve its light weight, starting at 1.5 pounds, including the kickstand.

The Surface has a full USB slot and 2 cameras in a case about 0.36-inches thick, and it runs a version of Windows 8.  Memory is either 32 or 64GB.

A second PRO version will also available running full Windows 8. It will be a bit heavier, but still under 2 pounds and come in 64 or 128 GB models.

Microsoft said pricing will be announced closer to the fal

You can see more here, including a short video.

Source: Microsoft 

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