Hifonics Revamps Gladiator Amps

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Maxxsonics has updated its Hifonics Gladiator GLX amplifier series with new “Super D” circuitry and a new design as part of a total Hifonics product refresh through 2013.

Hifonics Gladiator The line of 6 Gladiator amps use a faster, more efficient chip set for higher power output over extended periods. The amps also draw “much less” current from the vehicle’s electrical system, says Maxxsonics.

Hifonics Gladiator sideThe new design encases each heat sink in a chrome mesh with an illuminated Hifonics badge.

The update is part of a full brand re-launch, and a heavy investment in product development and in management.  The company will also soon launch a Maxxlink line of wire, cable, capacitor and sound deadening materials.

“Great emphasis is being put on the production of product for all channels of distribution including our ‘no internet’ Brutus Elite with several additional surprises for Maxxsonics’ entire stable of brands,” said Ted Henricks VP Sales & Marketing.

The new Gladiator amps include four mono blocks with power output from 1,000 to 2,200 watts RMS.  Additionally, two A/B soundstage amps are rated at 4 x 60 watts RMS and 4 x 100 watts.

The series is shipping now at retail prices from $289.99 to $799.99 for models including the GLX60.4, GLX100.4, GLX1000.1D, GLX1400.1D, GLX1800.1D and GLX2200.1D.

Source: Maxxsonics

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