Acura 3rd Car Maker to Include Aha Radio

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Aha by Harman, which delivers apps to drivers in a safe interface, will be offered in the Acura RLX beginning in model year 2013.

aha radioAcura joins Honda and Subaru, which are also planning to include the Aha service in 2013 model year vehicles (as announced at CES in January).

Aha calls itself the “fourth band” of radio as it gives drivers easy access through voice and a simple visual interface to apps such as Facebook and Twitter and tens of thousands of audio stations including Internet radio.  It also lets you access podcasts, live news, and audio books and lets you create preset stations on the radio buttons of your favorite stations.

“Our vision to safely connect drivers to the latest Web content is being realized one leading automaker at a time,” said Robert Acker, Harman VP and General Manager of Aha. “…Aha continually adds new stations in the cloud, so Acura can be sure its customers will be getting up-to-date infotainment for the life of their vehicles.

The new Acura RLX is on view at the New York Auto Show.

Aftermarket car radio companies including Pioneer and Kenwood also include Aha in car radios.

Source: Aha by Harman

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