12 Volt Web Site Program Launched

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12 Volt  Distributors, Brea, CA is offering car audio retailers a quick and simple way to set up a web site and update it at a very low cost of $50/month.

12 Volt DistributorsThe distributor has found a way to keep the cost down, yet create and maintain web sites with shopping carts, updated blogs and sales promotions, built for individual dealers.

Carlos Cortez of 12 Volt Distributors says he decided to create the program several years ago when he saw brick and mortar car electronics retailers struggling as online retailers gained market share.  “If you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist…Google has completely replaced the yellow pages and become the preferred method of searching for everything.”

The sites are often created in 3 business days.  “We do the layout, input the images, set up a Picasa account [so dealers can add their own images]… A 12 volt dealer is not in the Internet business, but they need the Internet to market themselves,” said Cortez.

12 Volt Distributors also creates blog posts for the dealer once a week on product reviews so the site is refreshed regularly.  As a distributor, it also offers sales on products that allow retailers to keep their margins.  It creates a shopping cart of over 1,000 items with inventory and then helps promote the site through Google.

The company is an authorized distributor for Directed and Power Acoustik and carries other brands including Pioneer.

When consumers check out they also get a price for a basic installation of the item purchased (based on Best Buy labor rates) but custom install prices are set by the dealer.

Cortez said he created his web site builder program “to generate local market traffic thereby giving local retailers a competitive advantage over online e-tailers.”

“Many times local customers don’t realize that the local shop down the street has the same product selection as online e-tailers, but with more knowledge and better service. Our QuickShop website will increase sales, bring more people into their businesses, and market the shop within their geographic area.”

A sample web site under the QuickShop program is  http://www.advantageaudioandautosports.com/

The company has set up 17 retailer sites so far.

Retailers may contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Source: 12 Volt Distributors

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