BMW 650i is Geek Heaven

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We know the BMW 650i is the new geek-heaven luxury vehicle because MIT says so in its Technology Review and both Forbes and CNET agree.  Fortunately for the aftermarket, the BMW 650i costs about $100 grand so it’s not going to steal too many customers.

BMW 650iWith the 650i, BMW has managed to walk the fine line between providing geek toys without overwhelming the driver.

Some features are:

Full color head up display shows directions with an arrow pointing towards the next turn and lane departure warnings. It’s also a speedometer.

Blind spot detection gently vibrates the steering wheel.

Users may post on Facebook with messages smartly generated by the car which “knows” a lot about you at any moment so it gives you a choice of messages such as:

  • I’m in my BMW
  • It’s 60 degrees and sunny in LA
  • I’m on my way to Reno….

The car can read aloud Facebook info and send posts to Twitter.  It can also display your calendar and auto park the car for you.  It has multiple cameras including front and side mounted cameras as well as nightvision.

You may want to check out the video here (fast forward to the 60 second slot) to see what this car can do.


Source: Technology Review 

Photo via dntvgoodtimes

Video viaThe Truth About Cars



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