MERA Rescues Retailers With Advertising

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MERA, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association, announced the formal launch of its program with Revenew Online that creates ready-to-go advertising campaigns for retailers.

MERAMERA members can use Revenew to quickly launch a professional campaign in 20 minutes that includes Facebook, email, banner ads, web buttons and more.

It works like this: manufacturers provide Revenew with the logos, photos, copy and ad templates on their new products. And Revenew keeps in its data base, the retailer’s logo and mailing list. “In about 20 minutes, the retailer has a professionally derived preapproved campaign and they can also request marketing funds through the system,” said Kara Holder Revenew director of marketing.

The retailer just hits “send,” she said.

Chris Cook, MERA President said the problem with ad programs for retailers “has always been accommodating different methods for different retailers in different markets. Revenew Online is a single system our members can use to send a manufacturer’s message to their customers…”

MERA members get a $100 credit towards Revenew which works on a pay as you go basis for various promotions.  “It’s relatively inexpensive,” said Cook.

“This in turn should increase consumer awareness and brings more customers through our retailers’ doors,” he added.

MERA also expects to work with a search engine optimization program for retailers in the future.

For the Revenew program,  dealers may click here to get started, or visit or

Source: MERA

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