Apple iCar May Yet Live

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Back in 2007, Volkswagen admitted it was talking to Apple about a collaboration, but the “iCar” that many hoped for never materialized.


Fast forward to 2012 and some (minor) evidence is surfacing that Apple may yet see the car as a future frontier.

Jalopnik  reported last week that Apple ran an ad in China seeking an automotive engineer—the kind with technical experience that includes fitting products in a dash.

Forbes Magazine notes that a look at Apple patent applications this year, show “at the least – some sort of in-car control interface is in the works.”

A patent application published on January 19 shows how a natural language voice interface that can be integrated into in-car infotainment systems.

And a patent published on January 26 provides details on using Siri in a “hands free” context in an automobile.

Forbes says, “This could refer to a system that affords 100 percent integration with iPhones, including mimicking its graphics and touch/gesture-activated interface, as well as migrating Siri itself (herself?) via a Bluetooth or plug-in connection. Or perhaps this could refer to a full-blown “iCar”…”

Of course, it’s all speculation, but with Mercedes enabling Siri in the car, it looks we’ll be seeing more of her on the road.

Source: Forbes  

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