Auto Page Redesigns C3 Web Site

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Torrance, Calif. — Auto Page has redesigned the C3 website for the new C3 Hybrid.  Using Gen 2 technology, the new C3 Hybrid  has been more than 2-years in the making.

The home page demonstrates how C3 Hybrid works, frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), find a dealer, determine if your phone is compatible and a demonstration video.

The  C3 is a cell phone-based vehicle communication system.

The ‘What is C3’ page also features stand-alone features, hardware and service options and more.

The updated web site lets you  check out how easy it is to get C3 on your iPhone, Android based smart phone and Blackberry smart phone from the App stores.  Also, C3 videos show the operation of C3 on each of three smart phone platforms.

About Auto Page: Auto Page Inc., who will be celebrating its 33-year anniversary on May 1, 2011, is one of the most experienced vehicle security companies in the U.S., leading in design and manufacturing of high quality security systems since 1979 and a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwata Electric Co. of Tokyo, Japan. Iwata has been an industry leader nearly 60 years, establishing a reputation for ingenuity in its engineering capability and innovative communication products. Auto Page and Iwata maintain a long tradition of providing the best value to their customers. Auto Page is winner of Best of Innovations Award for its C3, cell phone based GPS, Remote Car Starter and Security system.

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