Rockford Launches RATS Car Audio Tool

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Rockford Fosgate launched an online system aggregator that lets you “virtually” test car amps and speakers to see which would sound best or loudest in your car.

Rockford RATSA salesman with an iPad can use the online site to show customers which amp would sound the loudest in his car at a given price point, for example.

The site at is called the Rockford Amplified Tuned System (RATS).  It applies Rockford’s research into different components as tested in different cars.

“RATS displays the frequency response of a common factory sound system within a customer’s vehicle type, such as a truck, SUV, hatchback, or sedan,” said Rockford’s Mark Lowe. “Then, RATS allows you the ability to choose which Rockford Fosgate subwoofer and amplifier you’d like to try within that environment. Simply compare your selections to see which one will sound the best and play the loudest in your vehicle.”

The site has a “Compare Engine” to compare up to 4 subwoofers and see how each would perform in a different vehicle by SPL (sound pressure level) and frequency response.

You can also compare a Prime, Punch and Power systems against each other or calculate the SPL difference between a sealed, vented and High-Output enclosure.

Source: Rockford Fosgate

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