WiGig for Car Next Year

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Panasonic recently showed a new in-car system concept that uses a super-fast WiFi-like wireless standard called WiGig.

The system uses WiGig’s fast speeds to let you flick videos from your tablet to the rear seat monitors.

Panasonic WiGigPanasonic believes WiGig will be a useful technology in the car and it plans to embed a WiGig module on an SD card for use in the car by mid-2013, reports DigInfo TV.

WiGig is much faster than WiFi (at about 7 GB per second v WiFi’s 100MB per second) but it has a much shorter range of 1-3 meters v. WiFi’s 30 meters.  It permits you to download a full DVD from a tablet to a car video screen in 60 seconds.

The tablet equipped with WiGig could also link to the car’s computer system to display tire pressure and battery life.

Watch the demo here.

WiGig became a standard in 2009 and it is endorsed by the WiFi Alliance. But because of its short range, WiGig is not expected to replace WiFi. For more info on WiGig see ZDnet’s story here.

Source: DigInfo TV via TechCrunch

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