New “Dash” Car Stereo Debuts

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The Dash is a new double DIN head unit that is basically a shell for your phone.   It holds, charges and amplifies your phone.

Devium's Dash
Devium's Dash faceplate

Dash is offered by a start up called Devium out of Colorado Springs, CO.  The head unit should launch in July at about $300.  The company is beginning to talk to a few local retailers, including Car Toys about stocking the product.

The first version of the Dash will be optimized for the iPhone 4 and 4S.  Then the company will offer different faceplates to suit Android and Windows Phone devices, so you don’t have to buy a new radio when you switch phones.

Devium Dash
Devium Dash Double-DIN Deck

The faceplates will range from $20 to $40 as some will be plastic and some chrome.

There’s no built-in radio, so you access Internet Radio from the phone.  You can also get navigation and traffic up dates through apps on the phone.

The Dash has a built-in 50 watt by 4 Class D amp and it has two 2V pre outs.

Devium was launched by a Lockheed Martin engineer named Paul Lizer who wanted to find a way to turn his phone into a car radio.

“The phone has a great user interface that they’ve spent lot of time and money creating and you use it every day.  Let’s keep using that when you get in the car,” said Lizer, who points out that new phones now are available with larger, 5-inch screens.

Source: CEoutlook via PC World

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