Remote Start the Car By Voice with Siri?

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Just a week ago, the hot advancement in remote start was to achieve it by tapping on your smartphone. The next leap forward may be to start your car by simply asking.

Siri voice starts carA software developer has hacked his iPhone 4S using Siri voice command to remote start his car by voice. He does this in conjunction with a Viper SmartStart module.

Brandon Fiquett’s discovery has gotten a lot of press attention this week. In his YouTube video below, he says “Start my car” and his Acura TL obeys. He can also use Siri to arm and disarm the vehicle, lock and unlock doors and also pop the trunk.

Directed Electronics, maker of the Viper SmartStart thinks talking to the car is a great idea, but not hacking into phones. “We don’t support any jailbroken apps on the iPhone, but if Apple ever decides to allow third-party app integration with Siri, you can be sure that Viper SmartStart customers will be talking to their cars on a daily basis,” said Jim Jardin, VP marketing.

Fiquett was able to achieve his feat “by using Siri Proxy created by another hacker @plamoni, and then running a custom PHP script on his home computer along with some custom plugins to communicate with Siri,” said GizMag.

Fiquet, who is also a minister and scuba diving instructor, says he offers the technology as a “proof of concept.”

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