West Coast Customs Teams with Monster

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Monster, maker of audio/video wire and accessories has teamed with West Coast Customs (WCC) to create a line of car care products under the West Coast Customs by Monster brand.

WCC and Monster
WCC's Ryan Freidlinghaus (left) and Monster's Noel Lee launched a car care products line shown at SEMA.

The products include waxing, cleaning and care solutions “that make it easy to bring a showroom look and shine previously only available by professional detailers,” said a press statement.

If this sounds familiar, this spring, WCC teamed up with Best Buy to sell a WCC line of car care and car stereo products through Best Buy stores.

WCC and Monster say the new car care products are “uniquely effective.” Ryan Freidlinghaus, founder and owner WCC said of Noel Lee founder of Monster, “I wanted to work with Noel in this endeavor; Noel is a pioneer in luxury automotive products. These products are truly a missing piece within the automotive care category and this winning alliance is sure to make an immediate impact.”

The lineup of West Coast Customs by Monster, LLC includes the following:

• High Performance Showroom Glo Instant Detailer: 24oz Instant Detailer Spray (SRP: $14.95) Nano-silicone polymers are used to enhance vehicle shine, and cosmetic grade ingredients that will not streak when used in direct sunlight;
• High Performance Auto Super Glow Premium Wax: 24oz Car Wax Bottle (SRP: $19.95) Featuring a completely new formulation, enriched with all-natural carnauba containing twice the concentration of conventional waxes.
• High Performance Auto Cleanse Wash & Wax Shampoo: 24oz Car Wash Bottle (SRP: $14.95) A special blend that contains safe all-natural and premium biodegradable ingredients and high foaming action that lifts grime away.
• High Performance Dirt Scrub Wheel Cleaner: 24oz Wheel Cleaner Spray (SRP: $19.95) The latest formulation technology to pull brake dust, grease and grime away from surface without attacking aluminum and other soft metals from wheels.
• High Performance Rim Shine Wheel Polish: 24oz Wheel Polish Bottle (SRP: $14.95) Designed for all metals including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, diamond plate, gold and silver.
• High Performance Kleenz All Interior Cleaner: 24oz Interior Car Cleaner Spray (SRP: $14.95) A premium quality dry foam cleaner that cleans the toughest stains.
• High Performance Auto Sheen Glass Cleaner: 24oz Glass Cleaner Spray (SRP: $14.95) Designed specifically for automotive glass, the highly concentrated formula removes bugs, grime, cigarette smoke and other oily films from the inside glass.
• High Performance Shine-On Tire Dressing: 24oz Tire Dressing Spray (SRP: $19.95) A new formulation using high grade emulsions that are reactive and safe in protecting vinyl, leather and rubber back to its original shine.
• High Performance MicroFiber Drying Cloth: (1 Pack) Drying Cloth for Cars (SRP: $ 14.95) Better than traditional chamois, with a super absorbing, high cell count, foam core that can hold up to 11 times its own weight in water.
• High Performance Wax/Tire Dressing Applicator Pads: (2 pack)- Applicator Pads for Cars (SRP: $9.95) Featuring a high density foam core combined with true MicroFiber technology for easy application of waxes and tire dressing.
• High Performance Super MicroFiber Polishing Cloth: (1 Pack) MicroFiber Polishing Cloth (SRP: $9.95) Featuring the most advanced construction available in the market today with an ultra-plush, high-grade, true MicroFiber design provides ultimate absorbency and softness.
• High Performance MicroFiber Sponge: (1 Pack) MicroFiber Sponge for Cars (SRP: $ 9.95) A new sponge with ultra-plush, high-grade, MicroFiber strands that hold in soapsuds for maximum cleaning action.

Source: Monster and West Coast Customs

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