Rockford Announces OEM Trike Deal

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Rockford announced its first OEM deal with a motorcycle or powersport vehicle at the SEMA show Tuesday.

Rockford Tanom Motors TC3Tanom Motors will include Rockford car stereo equipment in its state-of-the-art Invader TC-3 reverse trike—a fusion of super bike and super car. It has two steering front wheels and one rear drive wheel, with an enclosed cockpit surrounded by a fiberglass body.

Inside, are two bucket seats and controls similar to those found in sports cars. The Rockford system includes a 300 watt, 4 channel amplifier and four 6.5 inch Fosgate full range speakers.

The PBR300X4 amplifier includes Boosted Rail Technology (BRT) which draws less current. Speakers for the trike include the P1653 Punch.

Source: Rockford

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