More on Head-Up Displays from BMW, Pioneer

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BMW will expand inclusion of its head-up display to almost all of its vehicles and has made the display a bit splashier by adding color and new symbols.

BMW head-up displayFormerly, the head-up display was only offered on the 5-series. In the new version, colorful, brighter images are easier to read, reports CNET.

Pioneer continues to show off its version of head-up display due for the aftermarket in 2012. Pioneer’s version projects images from one’s smartphone onto the windshield.

First shown last January at the Consumer Electronics Show last January, it went on display again this month at the CEATEC show in Japan. It was connected to an Android phone and it displayed navigation cues on the windshield. You can see it action below.

At CES, Pioneer said additional info from the smartphone will be projected onto the screen, such as caller ID for an incoming call. For a phone with video chat, the driver might see a hologram-like image of the caller floating before him.

Pioneer reiterated again this month that the product should be available some time in 2012 for the aftermarket, and OEM versions may follow, said PC World.

Source: CNET, PC World

Video via IDG

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