NPD Confirms iPod/Phone In-Car Listening is Up

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A third of drivers who listen to music in their cars use a “smart device” such as an iPod touch, iPhone or Android smartphone, a figure which is 9 percentage points higher than last year, reports The NPD Group.

NAV-TV iPhone car kitRadio and CD listening is still prominent but NPD said, “Smart devices streaming music could end up being the largest threat to CDs and broadcast radio since the dawn of digital music.”

NPD found that 80 percent of music listeners, listened to music in the car in past 3 months, a decline of 2 percentage points since last year. More than half (53 percent) listened to a CD in their cars, down 4 points from last year.

Nearly two out of three Americans say that the majority of their music listening takes place in the car.

The statistics come from the NPD Group’s “Entertainment Trends in America” report, based on 10,058 respondents to a survey during Q3.

Source: The NPD Group

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