GM Shows Portable Safety System

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General Motors is demonstrating this week a new portable vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that could be sold much like an aftermarket portable GPS system. And it could prevent 81 percent of crashes in the U.S., says Autopia.

GM v2v communicationsThe portable is equipped with a dedicated short range communication (DSRC) system with a range of a quarter mile. It permits communication between two vehicles on a collision course, or warns cars of stopped traffic or construction sites. It can also alert drivers to a slippery curve ahead.

Plus, smartphones can include the same technology so a user can warn drivers that there are children playing in the street ahead or there are cyclists on the road around the corner.

GM is showing off the device at the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress in Orlando this week.

Autopia says similar systems are already in use in Asia using ITS technology.

Source: Autopia

Photo: Autopia

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