Self-Driving Cars Better Than Drunk Drivers

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At a recent conference, the leaders of Google explained why self-driving (autonomous) cars are important.

Google Prius
Autonomous Google Prius

CEO Larry Page also noted that driving a car really isn’t that hard…for a computer, provided the computer has good data about what’s going on around it.

Chairman Eric Schmidt quipped, “Our computers drive our cars better than you do when you’re drunk. That’s our starting point.”

And Page indicated that autonomous cars may even drive better than 16-year olds, or “really old” people and may even drive “substantially better than the average person.”

He notes that there are 3 million people killed worldwide in auto accidents.

Also people, spend 2 hours a day commuting to work. “They could be doing useful things,” he quipped, “like reading ads.”

You can see the conversation at just past 29 minutes in the video.

The first few minutes give you some interesting insight into the man who runs and co-founded Google.

See Google’s autonomous car here. Volkswagen has one too.

Source: Autoblog

Photo via Engadget

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