Avidworx Intro’s Low Cost Displays

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Avidworx is introducing its lowest cost retail car audio displays to date.

The company claims use of its displays can double a retailer’s sales and help convert up to 80 percent of floor traffic to a sale.

Avidworx combo car electronics retiail display
Avidworx Combination Display

New displays debuting at the Knowledgefest trade show this week in Dallas come in 3-foot sections for technologies such as Bluetooth hands free calling or OE radio integration or multimedia. Each section starts at $999 or $27/month.

The Bluetooth display holds 3 to 9 units.

“If we only see the product, we have a 10 percent chance of closing the sale. If we see and hear it, we have a 40 percent chance. If we see, hear and touch it, we have an 80 percent chance of making the sale,” said Avidworx’ Marcel Jacques Newell adding, “Stores with glass showcases or who are stacking boxes on the floor are turning away 90 percent of their walk in traffic.”

KnowledgeFest car electronics trade show opens Sunday, August 28Think your store is up to date? In his presentation at Knowledgefest, Newell will show pictures of pawn shops and pictures of  some 12 volt shops and claim they are indistinguishable. As car electronics attracts an older demographic and one that now includes women, stores must upscale their merchandising.

“The stores that are focusing on audio, deck & 2’s are probably not having a good time right now. Stores must stay on top of new technologies…There are over 25 different product categories in the 12V mobile market. The business is way more complicated than just audio, mobile video and remote start. With 25 different categories, if you are not showing, you are not selling it. “

Avidworx also provides a free online price tagging tool that gives a store the ability to create its own data base of products and then generate price tags. It also offers a service to help create a brand image for your store and support it with art and a consistent message.

“I am the dentist of our industry,” said Newell. “Everyone needs our help, they all hesitate to call, but when they do, they are happy that they did, and wish they had done it sooner.”

Source: CEoutlook

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