Intel Serious About Car Security

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Intel labs is working on a full car security platform that can tap into the car’s built-in cameras and use them to send you live video of the area around your car.

The video can be sent from the vehicle’s parking assist cameras to your smartphone with only a 5 second delay. And its compressed enough to work easily over 3G. So you can periodically check in on your car by tapping on a smartphone to view near-live video.

Intel Labs car platformIn the case of a theft, you would be sent video up-to-and-around the time of the break in.

It’s just one of the features that Intel Labs is cooking up for a ‘redefining platform’ it hopes to see in new cars.

We spoke to Victor Lortz, a lead researcher on the project. He explained another nifty feature of Intel’s platform.
The car’s dash screen could display a barcode to let you know there’s a new smartphone app available for your car. You scan the code and the app appears on your phone. You are now linked into the car’s electronics system in a secure fashion, without having to download an app from a typical app store.

The feature would give the car companies a seamless and secure way to deliver apps.

“The bar code is something we stumbled upon on in a way. When we were building our demo, we realized we had this whole question of how do you get the app in the phone,” Lortz said, noting that not every driver wants to go through a multi-step process to download an app.

The system could also perform tasks including remote start and locking and unlocking doors.
Intel Labs works with Intel’s commercial departments. The Lab’s job is to create the basic architecture and then it’s up to Intel to develop it.

But Lortz believes we will see his technology in new cars.

“It’s fair to say that Intel is serious about this,” he said. “Once cars get connected there’s a lot of issues around security so that’s another area we’re trying to address.”

Intel aims to create a super secure platform so that car makers and car owners don’t need to worry about hackers—a threat that’s already making headlines.

Source: CEoutlook

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