“New Marketing” One of Themes of K’Fest

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This August’s car electronics KnowledgeFest trade event will offer 24 seminars with one of its themes to be the “New Marketing.”

Jim Ackerman will speak at KnowledgeFest“As TV, radio and newspaper are quickly taking a back seat to online marketing opportunities, mobile electronics retailers have lagged in keeping up with the changes,” said the event’s sponsor, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA).

One seminar focusing on the topic is “Cloud Marketing on a Sunny Day: How to Evolve into a Modern Day Marketer” presented by Kara Holder and Mike Cacciabondo of Revenew Systems.

Another seminar will be presented by Al & Ed’s chief merchandiser, John Haynes on “Navigating the Internet”

The main theme of KnowlegeFest, as always, is to help retailers growth their business.

Some of the other seminars this year will help store owners put into practice what they already know.

A seminar by Avidworx’s Marcel Newell challenges store owners to create a business identity and then maintain it despite shifts in the economy and other factors. It’s called “Creating Your Business Vision.”

Keynote speaker Jim Ackerman who wrote the book, “How to Market Your Crap When the Economy is the Toilet,” will speak on “How to Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often.”

Also MERA leaders Chris Cook, Paul Pirro and Kris Bulla will join Alpine Electronics’ Steve Brown to present “Mission Impossible: Making the Sale Fit the Car.”

Other KnowledgeFest seminars:

“Making the Car Dealer Work for You: How To Become A Serious Expeditor.”

“The 30/60/90 Minute Tune” presented by Mark Eldridge and Alpine’s Steve Brown.

“1.21 Gigawatts!!” presented by Jeff Meece (on how mobile electronics additions affect the operational capabilities of a vehicle)

“Identifying Wires & Signals” presented by Nav-TV’s Derek Schmiedl and Directed’s Andy Hartshorne (on types electronic signals that in-vehicle components use to communicate with each other)

“Profitable Fabrication,” led by Bryan Schmitt (on how to get great ROI while giving the customer a well-executed, custom installation experience).

All installation seminars will be lead by MECP certified installers.

KnowledgeFest will be held August 28-30 at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Conference Center near Dallas.

Source: MERA

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