World’s 1st Pedestrian Collision Avoidance System

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Toyota and other car makers already offer crash prevention systems but they are designed to avert careening into large objects, such as another car.

Toyota PedestrianToyota’s new system, which it claims is the first in the world, is able to prevent hitting pedestrians.

It uses a millimeter wave radio and stereo camera to monitor objects in front of the car. If a pedestrian is in their path, drivers get an audible warning, and if they don’t slow down, the system will stop the car.

The system should begin appearing in Toyota vehicles in the near future, said PC World.

Toyota is also developing a steering wheel that measures the heartbeat of the driver to prevent crashes that occur when a driver has a heart attack, said the AP.

Source: Techworld, PC World, the AP via

Photo via the Associated Press

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