Is iPad 3 Due in September?

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Apple may introduce a new iPad 3 as well as an iPhone 5 this September, says a story in DigiTimes, a Tawainese journal with close ties to Apple parts suppliers.

Apple may intro iPad 3 in September
Apple iPad 2

DigiTimes says the iPad 3 will go on sale in October and it will be thinner, lighter and bear an upgraded display.

DigiTimes named several companies that will supply parts for the iPad 3 including Foxxconn, which handles assembly, Wintek, which makes the touchscreen panels, and Simplo Technologies and Dynapack International Technology, which manufacture batteries.

The publication countered rumors that Apple will debut two phones this fall including a smaller iPhone 4S.  Instead, Apple will reveal only one iPhone this fall, it said.

Separately, for a story on how Apple is able to procure high tech components before other manufacturers, see the story here.

Source: PC Magazine via Yahoo! News; Business Insider

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