500,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks Sold

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With analysts like IHS iSuppli predicting tablets will be become a big factor in rear seat entertainment, we keep watching those 7-inch tablets that would fit nicely in a headrest or dash.

RIM ships 500,000 PlayBooksMaker of the BlackBerry PlayBook, Research in Motion, revealed Thursday that it’s shipped 500,000 of its PlayBook tablets since April 19. (That’s sell-in to stores, not sell-through to consumers).

It’s not the worst showing, but it’s not spectacular either, especially as RIM also said it will delay the release of its 4G-ready PlayBook from summer until fall, reported Digital Trends.

To put PlayBook sales in perspective, Motorola shipped 250,000 Xoom tablets (with 10.1-inch screens) during its first two months on the market and Samsung shipped over 1 million 7-inch Galaxy Tabs. Then, we have Apple at 25 million iPads (9.7-inch screens) shipped over 14 months.

But poor RIM needs more than mediocre PlayBook sales to help it through these tough times. It’s first quarter earnings Thursday sunk even below analysts already lowered expectations to $4.9 billion in revenue and $695 million in profit. And RIM lowered its earnings projections for the rest of the year. The BlackBerry phone is under assault from the iPhone and Android models.

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