M.E.S.A. Member Generates Over $100,000 in a Single Weekend Sale!

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M.E.S.A. Member Generates Over $100,000 in a Single Weekend Sale!

Arvada, CO — June 7, 2011 —
Sound Sensations, a M.E.S.A. (Mobile Electronics Specialists of America) Member in Marietta, GA hosted its first ever Tent Sale & Car Show May 20-22, 2011 with phenomenal succces measurable in both attendance and sales.

With the support of M.E.S.A. vendor partners Kenwood, Alpine, JL Audio, Escort, Hertz, Audison, Hushmat, Directed Electronics and the implementation of the M.E.S.A. Event Planning Program, Sound Sensations generated more than three times the usual business done on even their busiest weekend with over $100,00 in sales!
Sound Sensations Pres. Marc Vickers “This event took many weeks of planning but was executed relatively easily with the support of M.E.S.A. and by implementing the step-by-step Event Planning Program” stated Marc Vickers, President of Sound Sensations.

The Tent Sale & Car Show attracted approximately 1,200 customers (150 of whom were new, having never purchased from the retailer before). Many of these customers traveled as far as 70 miles to attend.
The M.E.S.A. Event Planning Program centers around a simple (but brilliant) system of structured itineraries and tasklists, based largely on the seminar “How to Have a Successful Event” presented to Members by Mike Cofield (President of Custom Sounds) at the M.E.S.A. Winter Summit meeting in January.

“It’s great to see the tools we provide our Members being implemented with such enthusiasm and achieving quantifiable results. One of our main objectives as a Group is the continual sharing of best business practices with each other, and this event was a perfect example of that,” said Ryan Gunter, M.E.S.A. Executive Director.

“Whether it’s event planning, online marketing or exploring new business potential in markets such as car dealerships, each of our Members have unique strengths they bring to the table that the rest of the Group benefits from,” Gunter concludes.

Marc Vickers added, “The weather was perfect and the crowds were incredible…everything went perfectly as planned. There were no problems whatsoever. I want to say thank you to all the employees and reps that helped with the sale. We could not have had the success that we enjoyed without their hard work and sacrifice.”

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The M.E.S.A. group is still searching for some of the BEST retailers and finest installers within select geographic regions to become new members in 2011. Could this be you?

Read more about the M.E.S.A. mission and group structure here

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