Best Buy Says Shopkick Improved its Traffic

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…so now it is expanding its use of the shopkick app that rewards users for simply walking in the door of a store to all of Best Buy’s 1,300 locations.

Best Buy expands Shopkick Best Buy said it’s seen “a notable influence on consumer shopping behavior” and that it has run tests that show an “incremental lift in traffic” when it increases the rewards offered for walking the store.

“We believe Best Buy, one of our original launch partners, deciding to go nationwide faster than expected demonstrates shopkick can work for retailers. We hope this will be another accelerator for shopkick’s growth,” said shopkick CEO Cyriac Roeding. “This expansion nearly doubles the number of stores across the US that use shopkick to reward shoppers simply for visiting…”

Shopkick uses a technology that emits an inaudible sound from a device located in the store, when a user walks in the door. Then it rewards the user of its smartphone app with points called “kicks.” Shopkick says the app is better than other shopping apps that rely on GPS because GPS is only accurate to 500 yards, so it doesn’t really verify that the person entered the store.

Best Buy originally enabled the app in 257 stores.

Shopkick launched in August last year and grew to 1 million users in its first six months. It’s a free app for iPhone and Android.

Source: Best Buy

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