Apple to Intro Curved Glass iPhone 5: Report

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Apple has already purchased 200 to 300 glass cutting machines because the iPhone 5 will have a curved glass cover, say Taiwanese suppliers, according to DigiTimes.

Apple may intro Curved Glass iPhoneThe glass slicing machines are presently being stored at various assembly plants waiting to be pressed into service.

DigiTimes says there is no set timetable yet for the iPhone 5, as suppliers are still working to improve yield rates on the glass cover, glass cutting, lamination and touch sensors.

Numerous reports around the Web say the iPhone 5 is not expected to arrive until September.

Also, during the weekend, Apple began revamping its retail stores, placing an iPad 2 next to all products, effectively turning the iPad 2 into a digital sign that displays information about the other products in the store, said TG Daily.

Source: DigiTimes, TG Daily

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