Pioneer Intro’s Super Reality AVIC in Japan

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Pioneer’s AVIC in-car navigation system stole the show with its augmented reality feature at a recent launch of new products for the Japanese market.

Pioneer augmented reality navigation deviceThe 7-inch device works with a wireless camera that is placed on the windshield. As you drive, you see the road with a superimposed layer of information. It can highlight stores that are approaching, or emphasize highway lanes or highlight the car in front to make driving simpler.

The model AVIC-VH09CS navi system with augmented reality goes on sale in Japan this month for the equivalent of $3,700. It also includes DVD player, USB/SD card slots, 5.1 channel center speaker and Bluetooth.

We asked Pioneer if the augmented reality feature called AR Scouter will be offered in stateside navi systems, but have not yet heard back.

Source: CrunchGear

Photo: CrunchGear

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