DICE Ships Internet Radio Kits for Cars

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If you want to add Internet Radio to your current car, there’s a kit for that.

DICE is now shipping its iPhone car kits that let you connect to Livio Radio for access to more than 45,000 Internet Radio stations.

DICE ships Livio Radio car kitWhen you download the $5 Livio app you can stream music from the phone to the car radio without service fees.

The DICE kits are the 2011 Silverline DUO models shown in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, which also give you Sirius satellite radio capability.

The kit lets you control Livio radio from the car radio (or steering wheel controls) and you can set up to 6 presets for favorite Internet Radio stations.

DICE is also working on allowing the kits to access iheartradio.

You can buy DUO kits for select Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, Acura, BMW, Mini, Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. VW, Audi and Mazda kits are coming soon. The suggested retail price for the kit is $189.99.

Your phone should run iOS 4.2 or higher and you need the Livio app version 2.2.0.

Source: DICE Electronics

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