First Hyundai Sonata Backup Camera Kit: NAV-TV

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NAV-TV says its new Sonata-Cam provides the only way to add a backup camera to a Hyundai  Sonata with a navigation radio (if you didn’t order the backup camera when you purchased the car).

Sonata-CAM adds backup camera to Sonata from NAV-TVThe Sonata-Cam turns the dash screen into a monitor for the backup camera.

Only about 10 percent of Sonatas sold with navigation systems also include back up cameras from the factory. That option costs $990 for the harness plus $299 for the camera and $450 for a module and, said NAV-TV.

The Sonata-Cam comes with a plug and play harness, kit and camera for $599. You can buy the system without the camera for $499.

Almost half of non-traffic fatalities in kids under age 15 are caused by backover accidents, according to non-profit group Kids and Cars.

About 18,000 Sonatas sell a month presently.

NAV-TV also recently introduced a Volvo-Cam back up camera kit.

Source: NAV-TV

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