Mobile DTV to Reach 2/3rds of US Homes in 12 Months

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As Mobile DTV inches toward a broad  launch, its promoters announced that the digital TV service for portables (and car TVs) will reach 2/3rds of all U.S. households, or about 71 million homes in 12 months.

Mobile DTV to reach 2/3rds of homes in 12 monthsSince December, more than a dozen new stations have turned on Mobile DTV for a total of 76 stations in 32 markets. (Click here to view a chart). In a year, another 130 stations are expected to convert for more than 200 in total.

Next week RCA begins shipping the Mobile DTV portables it showed at CES. And starting Monday, at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show, LG will demonstrate a new Tweet-TV feature for Mobile DTV. Tweet-TV lets you tweet via an app as you watch a program. Then the broadcaster shows the tweets in a ticker overlay of the broadcast.

LG’s portable Mobile DTV DVD player is available on Amazon and there are a few USB Mobile DTV receivers available online as well. A few car stereo products from brands such as Accele have also been introduced but brick and mortar stores, for the most part, are delaying carrying the products until more stations convert to Mobile DTV.

Below is a list of Mobile DTV products available as of next week as noted by the OMVC (Open Mobile Video Coalition)—a group of broadcasters promoting Mobile DTV. Other products such as the Cio by Winegard have yet to ship.

Portable TVs

–RCA 3.5” hybrid ATSC and Mobile DTV (AA battery operated), available starting Monday through

–RCA 3.5” hybrid ATSC and Mobile DTV (rechargeable battery), available starting Monday through

–RCA 7” hybrid ATSC and Mobile DTV (rechargeable battery), available starting Monday through

DVD Players

–LG DVD Player with Mobile DTV: available on

USB Receivers

–COBY USB receiver: available on

–Pixtree USB receiver: available through J&R at

Car Tuner/Receivers

–RCA Car Tuner/Receiver, available starting Monday through

–Emperor Corporation has two models, available through

–Michley Electronics of Mountain View, CA has an in-car receiver called the MiTV Mobile 7 (available by calling (888) 338-4829)

–Crest Technology sells an in car receiver and monitor,

See also Accele

Source: OMVC and CEoutlook

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