JVC’s Earthquake Update

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Bill Turner vice president of JVC Mobile was travelling at the time we asked suppliers how they fared in Japan’s tragic earthquake and its aftermath.

We did receive a response from JVC on Tuesday which said that no employees were harmed.

“Because our facilities are far from the epicenter of the earthquake, fortunately none of our people were hurt or affected.  Many of them were greatly inconvenienced because the train systems all but halted…so many of our employees either stayed overnight at the offices or walked for 3-4 hours to get home,” said Turner.

JVC Mobile does produce some of its components in Japan but it expects no problems with supply in foreseeable future.

JVC Mobile offers update on impact of EarthquakeJapan’s infrastructure is still in turmoil.  “It’s just chaotic in Japan.  Hopefully things will begin to calm down soon.  But, until the nuclear plant in Fukushima is brought under control; it’s anyone’s guess what impact it will have.”

Fortunately, JVC said there was no damage in its facilities including its worldwide headquarters in Yokohama nor its mobile  facility in Hachioji, which are several hundred miles from the earthquake’s epicenter.

JVC thanks everyone for their concern and compassion during this difficult time.

Source: CEoutlook

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