Kinect Shown on Windows Phones

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Xbox capability is in a Windows Phone, so why not Kinect? Microsoft released a demo video showing Windows Phones that act as Kinect devices that control a game on a big screen from the phone.

The video displays one player controlling the game by body motions and the other joining in as his opponent, using the phone as his controller. The technology is real but Kinect for Windows Phone 7 won’t be released this year, Microsoft told CNET

Also on Monday, Microsoft announced other new capabilities for Windows Phone 7 (soon to be available on Nokia phones) including Twitter support from within the phone’s “People Hub,” CDMA capability, multitasking, and an improved version of Internet Explorer 9. Further, Office documents can be shared via the cloud (through Windows Live).

Introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, many of the features won’t be available until the second half, although an update with copy/paste capability should launch in about a month, said The New York Times.

Source: The New York Times, CNET

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