HTC Facebook phones, Flyer Tablet

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HTC revealed two smartphones with dedicated Facebook buttons and unveiled its first entry in the tablet market Tuesday.

If you’ve been waiting for the rumored Facebook-branded phone, that won’t be happening, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced by video during an HTC press event, that dozens of phones will offer “deeply integrated” social networking, including the new ChaCha and Salsa from HTC.

At Mobile World Congress, HTC also showed its Flyer tablet with a 7-inch screen and which comes with a stylus.

It uses a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor and supports HSPA+, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi. Weighing less than a pound and about ½ inch thick, it also has dual cameras including a rear-facing 5MP camera, video chat, and will come with HTC’s movie service, reports PC World.

An interesting feature is a “Scribe” button which works only when a stylus or pen touches the screen, said Phandroid. Scribe lets you take notes and draw pictures directly on the tablet.

The Flyer will not include Honeycomb but will use an earlier version of Android described as 2.x or 2.4. It also offers 1GB of RAM with 32GB of ROM.

The ChaCha and Salsa let you update Facebook; you can add photos, status updates and location with one button press. They are based on Gingerbread and due later this year on AT&T’s network exclusively, said CNN Money.

HTC also introduced new models of its popular smartphones: Desire, Wildfire and Incredible.

Source: PC World, Phandroid, CNN Money

Video via YouTube; electricpigtv

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