First Full Range Class D Amps from Hertz

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Hertz is introducing its first compact full range Class D amplifiers while sister company Audison will ship lower cost versions of the much respected Bit One processor.

Hertz introduces first full range Class D car ampsHertz’s compact Class D amps include the HDP5, a 5-channel model rated at 4 by 100 and 1 by 500 into 2 ohms. The amp measures about 8 inches by 13 inches and will ship in April/May at a suggested retail price of about $799. It will be joined by the HDP4 (4-channel) and HDP1 (mono) amps.

Then for anyone who doesn’t want to swap their car radio but wants better sound, there’s a pair of new OEM integration processors from Audison called the Bit Ten and Bit Ten D.

They offer 5 channels (instead of the Bit One’s 8 channels). You get digital sound processing and the ability to add aftermarket speakers plus an iPod (or smartphone or Bluetooth device). The Bit Ten will carry a $400 retail price and the Bit Ten D all digital processor will be offered at about $600. Both should ship in late March or early April.

They will be joined this summer by new Voce power amps at prices from $900 to $2,000 in 2-, 4- and 5 channels (AV uno, AV due, AV quattro and AV 5.1k)

Also under Hertz are new Mille uber high end speakers, but they’ve been reduced in price by about half to set you back only about $1,200 to $1,800, said the company.

The 6.5 inch speakers include a 3-way MLK 3, and a 2-way MLK 3. There’s also a new Mille amp line.

Also shown last month at CES were new shallow mount subwoofers–the EBX F20 and EBX F25–with 108 and 199 mm profiles respectively.

Hertz and Audison are distributed by Elettromedia-USA.

Source: Elettromedia-USA

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