Directus Adds Navi, WiFi to Nissan

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If you ‘ve got a color LCD screen in your Nissan or Infiniti but are lacking navigation and wish you had WiFi, you can now add them with a Directus Prodigy One Interface kit.

Directus Prodity One Adds Navigation, WiFi to Nissan, InfinitiIt adds touch screen capability to the screen through a physical glass overlay and then gives you navigation, a built-in media player, and a web browser all based on a Windows CE platform. Then you can add optional WiFi capability through your phone or a hot spot. You can also add options for Bluetooth, radar detection and a rear view camera.

“This is the only way Nissan / Infiniti owners can get navigation and more, through the OEM screen after the vehicle has been built,” said Directus CEO Brad Chapple.

The kit is $2,499 with navigation. A WiFi dongle that works with a personal hotspot or phone costs $139.95. The new Prodigy One kit is available now for the Nissan Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Quest and Armada (which include the LCD screen option). It’s also available for the Infiniti G25, G37, EX, FX, and QX.

Directus says there’s no wire cutting, and the kit gives you necessary wiring harnesses.

This is the second version of the Prodigy One; the first one was for the Volvo XC-90. During the next few months, additional kits will be added for the Scion, Volkswagen models and additional Volvos.

Source: Directus

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