DICE Kits add iheartradio to Car

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DICE is quickly adding Internet Radio to many of car kits.

DICE adds iheartradio to its car kits to bring iheartradio into the carAfter announcing it will deliver Livio Radio through its car kits last month, DICE said at CES, it will also add Clear Channel Radio’s iheartradio reception of more than 750 radio stations in Q1.

DICE DUO and MediaBridge car radio kits will offer iheartradio with a firmware upgrade. Users can access the iheartradio app on an iPhone to play hundreds of music stations through their car’s sound system.

Since consumers are now “comfortable and satisfied with their factory systems and the integrated controls…like steering wheel controls….” consumers who want Internet radio in the car will turn to add-on kits, said DICE’s Steve Witt. He also believes that Internet Radio in the car is the next big car electronics trend, following iPod- and smartphone-to-car-radio connections.

DICE may support iheartradio apps for phones other than the iPhone in the future.

iheartradio radio stations include AM/FM channels plus commercial free stations. They also include channels programmed by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Weezer.

Source: DICE Electronics

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