First Android Aftermarket Radio:Parrot

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Thank you Parrot for finally introducing an Android car radio. Parrot, famous for its Bluetooth capability, announced just prior to the Consumer Electronics Show, it will bring to market an Android car radio in the second quarter.

Called the Asteroid, the radio comes with plenty of USB slots and, it lets you plug in your own 3G USB AirCard to get 3G service for Internet Radio.

First Android Car Radio is from Parrot: CESThe radio also comes with a GPS dongle, which combines with your AirCard to deliver traffic updates and limited navigation, basically showing you the streets and businesses nearby.

The radio lets you listen to music from a USB drive, iPhone or iPod, MP3 player, and SD card as well as Internet Radio.

If you push a dedicated button on the radio, it pronounces the name of the artist and album.

Of course the device is Bluetooth A2DP capable with easy pairing of your phone book in your Bluetooth phone. Drivers can than speak the name of a contact to call it.

The Asteroid car radio has a 3.2-inch TFT color screen and includes 3 high speed USB ports to connect to a USB 3G modem, a USB GPS dongle, a USB port for the iPhone or iPod and an SD card reader. One side of the faceplate is detachable with a magnetic mount.

We hope to learn pricing and more details soon.

Source: Parrot

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