Audiovox Intro’s Lane Departure Warning

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Audiovox will deliver a combination lane departure and crash warning system in May or June at a price of about $499 to new car dealers followed by retailers.

Audiovox Electronics presdient Tom Malone said buyers at larger retailers are very interested in the driver safety product category, particularly in this mid-range price points.

If you drift out of a lane without using your turn signal, the device gives you a warning. And if you are closing in on the car ahead too fast (according to the devices’ internal algorithms) then you get a very strong warning. Audiovox calls the device the best solution at the moment to prevent us from texting ourselves into an accident and to prevent someone from falling asleep at the wheel. “We think a lot of parents will relate to the product,” said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone.

A very small camera mounts behind the rear view mirror facing forward. Installation takes about 1.5 hours. “On a scale of 1 to 10, with remote start being a 10, this is a 3,” in terms of installer difficulty, said Malone. Wiring includes power and ground and a tie-in to the data bus of the vehicle to pick up the turn signals, plus a wire to the vehicle speed sensor.

Also in driver safety, Audiovox is offering an add-on kit to turn any factory back up camera into an active back up camera system that physically “looks” for objects behind you and gives you an audible plus visual warning (passive systems only give you a display). The add-on module is the PWM400. It joins the full active back up camera CAM430MV system Audiovox showed in November that should ship in July at about $349.

Source: Audiovox Electronics

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