AudioControl Intro’s LCQ-1, Overdrive Plus

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AudioControl will announce at the Consumer Electronics Show a new 6-channel car audio processor—the LCQ-1—and a new pre amp line driver called the Overdrive Plus.

AudioControl to Introduce Overdrive Plus and LCQ-1 at CESThe LCQ-1 has high wattage speaker level inputs, custom eq controls for front, rear and subwoofer signals and a new AccuBass feature that restores the bass that is usually stripped out by factory car stereo systems.

The Overdrive Plus at $120 is a 2-channel, 24dB gain pre-amp line driver that lets users increase the signal voltage to an aftermarket amplifier to get better sound quality. It has an input for an optional Remote Level Control. It ships in early January.

Source: AudioControl

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