Samsung, Others to Show New Tablets at CES

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Samsung will show at the Consumer Electronics Show an iPad-sized tablet with a unique style of slide out keyboard, according to The New York Times.

The device will run Windows 7 in landscape mode but will switch to a special interface when in tablet mode (or in portrait mode, without the keyboard). The Samsung tablet will receive a formal introduction during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote address at CES, along with a new tablet from Dell and other suppliers.

Our sources tell us to expect a flood of devices with 4G capability at CES. And a well trusted source says to expect 4G devices from Samsung, HTC, RIM, Motorola and LG. Many of these tablets will have 10- or 11-inch screens and some will have 3D screens, 3D cameras, dual core processors and Nvidia gaming processors, he said.

Additionally, despite Samsung’s reports of selling 1 million Galaxy Tabs globally, several sources have said the tablet is not faring as well in the U.S., at least at chains other than Best Buy. It’s been described as a “non-starter” by one retailer and “very slow” by another.

Back to Microsoft at CES, it hopes to counter the iPad with business-use or work-horse devices for business people who want to both read newspapers and magazines on a tablet and switch over to Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

The Times also said Ballmer may show a tablet running on Windows 8.

Source: The New York Times, CEoutlook, eWeek

Photo: Samsung’s current tablet–the Galaxy Tab

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